I help people communicate

As a small business owner or a grassroots organization, it is easy to get lost in the din of the market. Make yourself heard with clarity and elegance in communications.

I provide end-to-end communications consulting services. I work with small business owners and non-profit organizations to develop communications strategies, create reusable visual collateral like branding guides and templates. I also provide Communications as a Service (CaaS), like designing and sending regular newsletters and mailers on behalf of my clients.

Collateral Portfolio

Samples and excerpts from pamphlets, poster campaigns and presentations.

Educational Conversation Presentation

Excerpt of presentation for the first educational conversation hosted by Our Colourful Yoga, a non-profit yoga and social justice organization based in Montreal, Canada.

Service Offerring Gift Card

Gift Card designed for The Wellness Initiative, based in Montreal, Canada

Course Offerring Poster

Prepared for a yoga teacher training certification programme offerred by Vinieyoga Academy.

Lecture Presentation

Excerpt of presentation created for a yoga lecture-demonstration by the Vinieyoga Healing Centre in Chennai, India.

Fundraising Poster

Prepared for Woodlands Garden, in Atlanta, USA.